Best 5 Immigration Lawyers In Ontario, Canada

Before now, we’ve talked about Ontario being one of the best provinces in Canada. That hasn’t changed. The city welcomes quite a number of immigrants and as such, ontario has some of the best immigration lawyers and law firms.

These are located in major cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and others.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best immigration lawyers and law firms in Ontario, Canada.

Before now, we talked on the 4 things you should consider before hiring an immigration lawyer. These things includes qualification, years of experience, handling of similar cases and billing or mode of payment.

In this case, we will be looking at the first 2 or 3.

Before then, you may be asking this:

Why Do I Need An Immigration Lawyer?

For cases that needs to be appealed or defended in court and the likes, you need a lawyer situable for that kind of case.

In the case of immigration, you may consider getting an immigration lawyer if your application was denied and you believe you deserve a shot. Immigration lawyers also help avoid errors and fatal mistakes on your application.

Considering they have years of experience, they can help guide you through the process thus including the chances of being able to immigrate to Canada successfully.

Having cleared that out of the way, let’s look at the best immigration lawyers in Ontario, Canada.

Best Immigration Lawyers Ontario

Again, to draw up this list, we are looking at their qualifications, training, years of experience and number or successful cases on immigration matters. That way, you are more certain of a good list.

Below, you will find Immigration Lawyers in Toronto, Canada. You will also find immigration lawyers in Ottawa, Canada, Immigration lawyers in Brampton, Canada and Immigration lawyers In Waterloo, Canada.

1. Immigration Lawyer: Betsy Kane CS

  • About lawyer: Betsy Kane CS is an immigration lawyer with years of experience. He is also internationally recognized since 2015.
  • Firm Details: Kane’s firm is known for providing good legal advice on Canadian Citizenship and immigration laws. This has been the case since 1994 thus making him one of the most experienced in the field.
  • Address/contact: 360 Ravenhill Avenue East, Ottawa, ON K2A 1S5, 613-230-7070.

2. Immigration Lawyer: Michael Battista

  • About Lawyer: Michael Battista is an immigration lawyer and also the founder of the Battista Smith Migration law group. The Battista Smith migration law group has been internationally recognized since 2014 and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.
  • Firm Details: The firm is a worldwide recognized immigration firm. There are lawyers with years of experience in immigration matters. They are considered to have major expertise in LGBTQ issues and litigation before immigration tribunals and the federal Court.
  • Address/Contact: 160 Bloor Street East, Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M4W 1B9, Canada. Phone number is 416-203-2899.

3. Immigration Lawyer: Tamara Mosher-Kuczer

  • About Lawyer: Tamara Mosher-Kuczer works with Capelle Kane Law firm. Mosher-Kuczer came into limelight in 2017 having represented numerous clients on immigration matters.
  • Firm Details: With its headquarters located in Ottawa, Ontario, Capelle Kane firm has been practicing and representing clients on immigration matters since 1994. The firm is known for providing legal advice on Canadian citizenship and immigration laws.
  • Address/Contact: 360 Ravenhill Avenue East, Ottawa, ON K2A 1S5, 613-230-7070

4. Immigration Lawyer: Matthew Jeffery

  • About Lawyer: Matthew Jeffery is a legal immigration law expert who has been recognized in 2019. While this is relatively new compared to others, he is being known for doing exceedingly well so far.
  • Firm Details: Matthew is a Canadian immigration lawyer with a law office based in Toronto, Canada. He handles all matters concerning Canadian Immigration law.
  • Address/Contact: 59 Berkeley Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2W5

5. Immigration Lawyer: Henry J. Chang

  • About Lawyer: Graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Henry J. Chang is known to be an outstanding lawyer who works with Dentos Canada LLP and gained recognition in 2014.
  • Firm Details: Dentos Canada LLP is a globally recognized law firm. There are quite a number of experienced lawyers working in same firm. The firm has offices in Canada, and Europe thus helping immigrants achieve their dreams of going to Canada.
  • Address/Contact: 77 King Street West, Suite 400, Toronto, ON M5K 0A1

What You Should Know About Immigration Lawyers In Ontario, Canada.

If you are looking to employ the services of an immigration lawyer, perhaps in Ontario, Canada, it’s important for you to know that this comes at a price. And no, they don’t come cheap.

Considering they offer quality service, you should prepare to pay a premium price.

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