4 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

If you tried applying for a travel VISA or immigration and for one reason or the other, it gets denied, it’s okay to hire an immigration lawyer.

Reason being that, it’s often believed that an immigration lawyer can make the process faster and maybe, just maybe, could save you some bucks.

However, getting a good lawyer to handle your case isn’t an easy task. There are series of events where applicants get scammed by fake lawyers or travel agencies. You will agree with me that this can be frustrating. There have also been incidents where the lawyers can deliberately slow down the application process in a bid to extort the applicants.

Get immigration lawyer

To help you through this and perhaps, find a good lawyer who can truly help you through the process, there are a few things to consider.

In this post, we will be looking at these things you should consider.

Things To Consider Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

1. Qualification

Although it is often said that “it’s not how far, but how well”, there are some cases whereby how far is also vital.

Asides graduating from a standard law school, it makes better sense if the lawyer is a member of a provincial law association. Asides him/her possibly making this claims to you, you should do your findings to ascertain his/her claims.

2. Years Of Practice/Experience

They say, to succeed, follow the path of those who have failed and finally succeeded. Reason for this is, these people have years of experience and have practicalized all you need to know. Following their footsteps will save you all the years of “continuously” failing.

Same rule applies when it comes to getting an immigration lawyer. Work with a lawyer with several years of practicing Canadian law. These people have got years of experience and to a large extent, understand the route to follow to make the process easy and stress-free.

3. Similar Case

Consider this as a sequel to the second point above. Aside years of practice, it makes better sense to deal with a lawyer who has handled similar case and more importantly, got it done. This way, you can be certain to a large extent that he/she should know/understand what he/she is doing.

4. Billing and Mode Of Payment

It’s one thing to hear the original cost, and another to hear hidden costs along the way. This can be tiring and in your best interest, it’s better to choose a lawyer with transparent billing and mode of payment. Preferably one with a contract that contains a clear explanation of his/her charges/fees without any hidden cost.

Extra Tip

An extra tip would be choosing a lawyer based on referral. Precisely from someone who have been able to get through the process with the help of an immigration lawyer and you trust. This will go a long walk with the hopes that the immigration lawyer can handle your case just as he/she did for your friend/family.

We wish you all the very best!

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