Quiz: Test Your Understanding Of English For Canada Immigration

You think you are ready to go to Canada? English and French are the major languages in Canada. While there are other languages spoken in Quebec, English and French are the official languages In Canada.

Hence, to be able to migrate to Canada, it’s necessary you are good at either English, or French. You have a better chance of being able to move to Canada if you understand both language. But of course, if you understand one of the languages like English very well, your chances are good.

In this quiz, we will be asking you a few questions relating to your understanding of English Language. A question will be asked and options will be given. You are to choose the correct answer for the question from the options given.

Again, options will be given for each question asked and you are to choose the correct answer. Your score will be collected at the end of the quiz.

Please follow the questions to the very last to get your score. If you didn’t do well, you are welcome to retry again.

Ready to get started?

Let’s begin!

  • Question of

    The student spoke for _____________ minutes.

    • One an a half
    • One and half minutes
    • One an in half
    • One and half
  • Question of

    Linguistics is the scientific study of _______________

    • Language
    • Figures
    • Words
  • Question of

    The vehicle needs ________

    • Maintenance
    • Maintainanace
    • Mentenance
    • Mentainance
  • Question of

    Her Friends __________ playing all day.

    • Have been
    • Has being
    • Has been
    • Have being
  • Question of

    Either Mark or the children ___________ to go.

    • Are
    • Was
    • Is
    • Must
  • Question of

    The Man is fat. He can also be sad to be ______________

    • Fatful
    • Big
    • Plumpsy
    • Plump
  • Question of

    Fill in the gap with the correct answer: The Woman has a _______ Of Cars.

    • Flight
    • Fleet
    • Flit
    • Flirt
  • Question of

    A person who can Write and Read is said to possess the skill of ___________________

    • Illiteracy
    • Literacy
    • Creativity
    • Accuracy
  • Question of

    Amongst the options below, select one of the official languages in Canada

    • French
    • Spanish
    • Greek
    • Latin
  • Question of

    Is French An Official Language In Canada?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    A play is divided into ______________

    • Chapters
    • Acts and scenes
    • Words
    • Verses
  • Question of

    She packed the left over food in a black ________

    • Nylon
    • Cylon
    • Lynon
    • Lylon

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