Quiz: Test Your Understanding Of French Language For Canada Immigration

French is one of the main languages ​​in Canada. But it is not the only widely spoken language in Canada. Although other languages ​​are spoken in different provinces of Canada, two are widely recognized.

The two languages ​​widely spoken in Canada are English and French. If you did not know this before, you are welcome.

French and English being the main languages ​​in Canada, what does that tell you? This means that you must be fluent in English or French. If you’re good at both, that’s a plus.


The main objective of this exercise is to test your understanding of the French language. If you do not understand French but can do better in English, you must take an English test.

French is a language not only spoken in Canada, but in a few other countries.

For example, countries like Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Center, Chad, Comoros, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic, la, du, Congo , Djibouti and a few others all have French as one of the official languages.

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, we recommend that you understand French or English. Again, if you understand both languages, it’s a plus.

Understanding French or English perfectly or both is not only essential for daily communication in Canada, it is also necessary if you are looking to find a job in Canada.

Being able to speak one of these languages ​​fluently not only increases your chances of immigrating to Canada, but also improves your chances of getting a job in Canada and helping your social life.

Without further ado, let’s get to the French test for Immigration Canada.

Please note: this test does not guarantee your entry to Canada or your eligibility. This test is only an exercise to understand how well you understand French on a daily basis which can be necessary should you still decide to immigrate to Canada.

We recommend that you take the test until the end. There is a chance that you will learn something new.

At the end of the test, you will receive a score and you will also be informed of the next action to take.

You will be asked series of questions and you will need to choose the correct answer from the options available. Ready to start the test?

Let’s Get Started!

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  • Question of

    La grammaire française est la pire grammaire de toutes les langues. Non, ça ne l’est pas. Grammaire espagnole ______

    • sont pires
    • Est pire
    • sont les pires
    • Est plus méchant
  • Question of

    Quelles heures ______? De huit à quatre heures, du lundi au samedi.

    • Est-ce que vous travaillez
    • No
    • Travaillez-vous
    • normalement tu travailles
  • Question of

    Il dicte ______ je tape.

    • Tandis que
    • Est
    • Ou
  • Question of

    Je ne me souviens pas de tout dans les étagères mais je sais que certains livres ______

    • ont été prises.
    • est pris.
  • Question of

    Je peux lui parler parce que _______

    • suis son amie
    • je suis son amie
  • Question of

    ___ un enseignant de l’école où j’enseigne le français.

    • je suis
    • un m
  • Question of

    Francess ne peut pas toucher le plafond parce qu’elle est trop ______.

    • raccourcir
    • essoufflement
    • prochainement
    • courte
  • Question of

    Paul ______ toute la nourriture et maintenant il dort.

    • avait mangé
    • mange
    • a mangé
    • c’est manger
  • Question of

    Anne est ______ Canada.

    • est
    • à
    • de
  • Question of

    Paul et Frank se battent toujours. Pourquoi ne peuvent-ils pas ______?

    • s’entendre
    • surmonter
    • traverser
    • descendez

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