In 2021, Canada Wants To Welcome One Million Immigrants

You want to immigrate to Canada? Great! Over time, we’ve talked on Canada immigration and even talked on a few reasons as to why you may want to consider moving to Canada.

Now, if you plan on immigrating to Canada, now could be a good time for you to do that. Why? Because Canada wants to welcome one million immigrants by 2021.

What does Canada wanting to welcome one million immigrants by 2021 mean? You may ask.

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Well, it’s pretty straight forward, I believe. This simply means that Canada is opening its doors to more immigrants. Hence, if this is something you are interested in, you should begin working on it now.

This is unlike the United States which according to Trump, plans building a wall to keep immigrants out.

Canada’s Minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship (IRCC), Ahmed Hussen, in a statement, said “Thanks in great part of the newcomers we have welcomed throughout our history, Canada has developed into the strong and vibrant country we all enjoy.”

How Do I Get To Canada?

I’m guessing that’s the question on your mind right now, right? Well, if you’ve been following the contents we’ve been sharing for a while now, this shouldn’t be so hard.

There are different means through which you can migrate to Canada. For the most part, you can migrate using express entry program. Being able to create an express entry profile can be done on the Canadian government website and we have the full information for you here.

What Is Express Entry

For those who don’t know, express entry is an online system that the Canadian government uses to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. Hence, if looking to become a permanent resident of Canada, you should apply for express entry.

How To Get Started With Express Entry

As earlier mentioned, we already have a detailed guide on how to get through with this. If however, you want straight information on this page, you can visit this page on the official Canadian immigration to get started.

You’d first, have to create an account on the Canadian government website. Thereafter, submit your express entry profile. One thing though. Make sure you are completely honest through the process and try to score as many points as you can.

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  1. Je suis Charles kaliva Koïvogui étudiants au département de sociologie licence 5,je suis célibataire de nationalité Guinéen,tout mon rêve c’est d’aller au Canada pour des l’amélioration de mes études et d’autre formation

  2. Hello Sir, I am a person who has the ability to work in all fields. I have a degree in business. I am a 23-year-old businessman. I would like to develop my skills in Canada i hope we can help me thank you so mach

  3. hello sir my name is joaquim francisco ferraz, i am angolan i am 20 years old, i still do not work because here in my father the job is not easy i am doing the penultimate year of high school and i would like to try my luck in canada

    I hope to be accepted, thank you very much

  4. Hello, I want to do my Studies in Canada and work there as well, to be helping my family. I want to work on my career as an archectural student I would say, that’s what I want to learn in my life. Because of the passion in it and I was good at drawing.

  5. Hello, my name is Abdourazak robleh moussa I’m 21 years old I live in Somalia. I want to do my studies in Canada and work there as well, thank you very much guys I hope I will be be accepted 🙏🙏🙏

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