5 Traits That Makes A Good Immigration Lawyer

When it comes to Immigration and wanting to Immigrate to another country like Canada, the need for a immigration lawyer or Attorney may not be compulsory. However, there are some perks that comes with hiring one.

For example, it’s a known fact that an immigration lawyer can help make your immigration process faster. They offer experienced recommendation and can help speed up the process.

Now, of course, it’s relatively easy to find immigration attorneys but, does easy always mean good? The obvious answer is no.

The fact that you have an immigration lawyer doesn’t mean that he is the best. While we’ve talked a couple of times on the best immigration attorneys in certain locations like Ontario, best immigration lawyers in Quebec, Canada, it’s understandable that you may not be in any of those locations or other locations we may have talked about before now.

Traits To Look For In An Immigration Attorney

For this reason, we’d like to outline some certain traits to aid you with getting a good immigration attorney regardless of your location.

Traits To Look For In A Good Immigration Attorney

While there are a couple of things we’d recommend looking for in a good immigration lawyer, we’d like to give pointers on the most important.

1. Recommendation

It’s often said that “word of mouth” is the best form of advertisement. The reason is this true is, people feel more relaxed with recommendations. Hence, the first trait to look out for in a immigration attorney is recommendation.

Does the immigration lawyer come recommended? By who? A trusted source? If checked, then you are on pal.

2. Experience

It’s often said that experience is the best teacher. This is very true. The longer experience people get in a particular field, the better they become.

Hence, when deciding on an immigration attorney, we recommend you pay attention to the years of experience.

3. Legal Practice Certification

When making a selection on your choice immigration attorney, we highly recommend looking at whether or not, the lawyer is certified by the state bar association. This is very important and can be really handy.

4. Years Of Practice In Immigration

Consider this a sequel to the number 2 point. While experience is the best teacher, practise they say, makes perfect.

A lawyer having years of experience in law doesn’t automatically make him or her fit for an immigration case. You are much safer with someone who has got years of practise not only in the law field, but in the immigration field. Especially with your case type.

5. Accessibility

Last and not the list, is accessibility. When making informed decision on your choice or an immigration lawyer, you should find out of him or her is easily accessible by you.

I understand that you are not entitled to 100% of qn immigration attorney’s time. However, a good immigration attorney who has your interest at heart, will make effort to be accessible to you when needed.

In some cases, attorneys have back up professionals who can help in cases where your attorney isn’t available. You should confirm that this is the case with him or her.

Hope this helps in helping you make informed decision in choosing a good immigration lawyer? If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment session.

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