Best 3 Immigration Lawyers In Quebec, Canada

Over time, we’ve talked about a few immigration lawyers in a few locations in Canada. In this post, we would like to do same for Quebec, Canada.

Quebec is a province in Canada with some independent authority in its immigration system. What this means is that, unlike other provinces in Canada, Quebec does not recognize the provincial nominee program method.

When it comes to immigrating to Canada, there are quite a number of methods though which interested person can move to Canada. One of such methods is the provincial nominee program. Unfortunately, Quebec doesn’t recognize that.

However, the province has the right and authority to make its own immigration laws and regulations. These laws and regulations could be quite different from what other lawyers in other provinces are used to.

As such, if seeking to move to Quebec in Canada or perhaps, you need services of a lawyer in Quebec, it makes sense to speak to actual lawyers in Quebec, Canada.

If your intent is to move to Quebec in Canada and you want to make the process more seamless, you may want to hire the services of an immigration lawyer in Quebec.

These attorneys or lawyers have more understand of how the system works, procedures and as such, could help make the process easier for you. Of course, they come at a cost.

Please note that the official languages in Canada are English and French, French is the most frequently used language in Quebec. Hence, you may want to consider being more familiar with French before you get started. You can take this french test.

Best Immigration Lawyers In Quebec

While we strive to give you accurate information, we implore you to take caution when working with the firms here. We ask that you do your own due findings as we won’t be held responsible for any outcome based on your interactions with them.

Below, are some of the best immigration lawyers in Quebec with emphasis based on years of experience, training and number or successful cases on matters relating to immigration.

1. Immigration Lawyer: Elsa Agostinho, Julie Lessard

About Lawyer: Recognized for her professionalism, ability to respond to the changing and growing needs of enterprises operating internationally, Elsa Agostinho is a member or the business immigration group. She specializes in Canada Immigration and has got a broad expertise.

With over 20 years of experience in Immigration law Canada, Elsa is also a partner of BCF law firm in Quebec. She is known as the leader of the biggest business immigration professionals in Quebec and Canada at large.

Address/Contact: 25th floor, 1100 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, Montréal, QC H3B 5C9.

2. Immigration Lawyer: Stephanie Lipstein

About lawyer: Stephanie Lipstein is a legal immigration law expert with several years of experience. Precisely in immigration law. She leads the quebec immigration practice and she is focused on US and Canadian corporate immigration matters.

Address: 600 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West, suite 1500, Montréal, QC H3A OA3.

3. Immigration Lawyer: Frédéric Harvey

About lawyer: Frédéric is another amazing immigration lawyer with years of experience in immigration hearings and appeals. He also has years of experience on immigration matters relating to permanent Visa, Temporary Visa, Citizenship, Immigrate to Canada and Family sponsorship.

Address: 600 De Me Maisonneuve Blvd. West, suite 1500, Montréal, QC H3A 0A3.

Contact Number: +1 514 840 2257;

Email: [email protected]


There you have it. While there are quite a number of other reputable immigration lawyers in Quebec, Canada, we will be sticking with this number for now.

If you are interested in more, a quick Google search for “Immigration Lawyers In Quenec Canada” will help you with more results.

Again, we recommend doing background checks and other checks on the immigration lawyer or firm before choosing to hire. Goodluck.

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