Here’s How Much It Will Cost You To Live In Canada

Thinking of immigrating to Canada? Well, I like to think that’s why you are here in the first place.

Being that we are dedicated to helping you with the right information regarding a seamless trip and stay in Canada, we will be looking at how much it cost to live in Canada.

The idea is to get you equipped with all the necessary information you need regarding moving to Canada. Actually, not just moving to Canada, but staying in Canada.

As you know it, Canada is a hot shot for immigrants. The country willing to receive over a million immigrants in 2021 just makes it even better.

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Since the idea is to travel to Canada for a better quality of life amongst others, it’s necessary you have an understanding of what you will be getting into.

So, let’s begin. Shall we?

How Expensive Is Living In Canada?

If you think living in Canada is cheap, think again! Oh well, for the common man, it isn’t exactly so cheap. But of course, the term cheap is relative.

To better convey how expensive it is to live in Canada, let’s begin by knowing the exchange rate. To give you an insight on how expensive living in Canada might be for you, compare Canada’s exchange rate with your current country’s exchange rate.

The Canadian currency is denoted by $, C$, CAN$ or CAD. You can run a simple google search with the keyword “1 (your local currency) to 1 Canadian dollar”. For example, 1 USD to 1 Canadian dollar.

Does it seem really expensive?

Now, having found that out, let’s look at the average monthly living expenses in Canada.

Estimated Living Expenses In Canada

Being that Canada has several provinces, it’s only right we look at the estimated monthly living expenses for the most popular ones.

For this article, we will be looking at specifically Toronto and Montreal.

Average Monthly Expenses In Toronto

  • Internet: C$41
  • Student Dorm: C$600
  • Small Apartment: C$1100
  • Large Apartment: C$1700

Average Monthly Expenses In Montreal:

  • Internet: C$38
  • Student Dorm: C$550
  • Small Apartment: C$640
  • Large Apartment: C$1100

Having stated those, compare the prices against the current prices of these things in your current country of residence. Remember to convert the amount to your local currency. For example, for internet bills, you can calculate by first converting C$38 to your local currency. You can use google search for this. After finding how much it is, compare it against how much you currently pay in your country.

Now, let’s talk salaries.

Average Salary for Toronto

  • Copywriter: C$35,130
  • Graphic designer: C$37,966
  • Web Developer: C$43,663
  • Receptionist: C$23,763
  • Financial Analyst: 52,067
  • Teacher: C$40,439
  • Product Manager: C$69,402

Average Salary For Montreal

  • Copywriter: C$33,534
  • Graphic Designer: C$33,831
  • Teacher: C$37,889
  • Financial Analyst: C$42,722
  • Web Developer: C$42,015
  • Product Manager: C$59,398
  • Receptionist: C$22,486

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Healthcare In Canada

Canada’s healthcare is top notch. The country offers free healthcare program which is funded by a distinctive tax system.

However, as fascinating as it sounds, the healthcare service in Canada isn’t totally free. The average Canadian is expected to pay around C$4,222 each year.

Question is, do you currently pay healthcare in your country or it’s also free, sort of?

Transportation cost in Canada

Just like every other country, the cheapest means of transportation in Canada is public transport. This is a lot less than renting a vehicle in the country.

  • Taxi 1hr: C$33.00
  • Taxi 1KM: C$1.85
  • Bus Ticket Single Use: C$3.15
  • Monthly Bus/Transport Pass: C$95

Cost Of Feeding In Canada

Feeding is one thing you cannot live without. It’s perhaps, one of the major ways through which you can figure out a country’s standard of living.

It’s less expensive to cook than it is to buy food in restaurants in canada. However, the figures here will be based off the average cost of food in restaurants.

  • Breakfast: C$8-C$25
  • Lunch: C$8-C$25
  • Dinner: C$11-C$45

There you have it, guys! That’s an average estimate of how much it cost to live in Canada.

Do bare in mind that these are only estimates and may not truly reflect the cost of living in Canada. Think of this as just an idea and not an actual fact.

Now, while this may be expensive, do bare in mind that jobs you can get in Canada may pay more than what you get in your current country of residence. Perhaps, you should factor that in. Good luck!

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