How To Get Jobs In Canada As A Foreigner

It’s one thing to be able to travel out of your present country to a place like Canada. It’s another to be able to survive in that new country.

In Canada, standard of living is relatively high. And that means for the most part, you need some level of sustainability. If you’ve got a huge Sum of money stalked up somewhere, you can live in the country for years without having to worry about getting a job.

If however, you’ve only got a small sum somewhere and you plan surviving in Canada for a long time, you’d need a job. Now, it’s possible to go to Canada as a temporary foreign worker. This affords you the possibility of being in the country and yet, working in the country to make ends meet.

Get Jobs In Canada

In this post, we will be looking at how to go to Canada as a temporary foreign worker and other topics concerning the subject.

How To Go To Canada As A Temporary Foreign Worker

To be able to go to Canada as a temporary foreign worker, you’d first need to get a work permit. This is necessary to be able to work in the country if you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

However, this doesn’t apply to every job in Canada. We have talked on a few jobs in Canada that doesn’t require work permits.

For doing a high paying job that requires a work permit as a temporary worker in Canada, you’d have to apply for a work permit from immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) or a Canadian visa office before going to Canada.

Now, to get this, you need the following;

  • You need to get a job offer from a Canadian employer before you apply
  • The employer must apply for a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) from employment and social development Canada (ESDC).
  • ESDC will decide whether the employer can hire a foreign worker to fill the job.

Bare in mind however, that there are different kinds of work permits.

Now to the main subject.

How To Get Jobs In Canada As A Foreigner

Getting jobs in Canada from as a foreigner, Especially if you are not yet in Canada may not be easy. It however, doesn’t hurt to try.

The fastest means to doing this, will be submitting your applications and CVs to Job search engines and classified sites. With these sites you can expect to get a 0.5 to 1.0% respond rate. Nonetheless, it takes nothing to actually give these sites a trial. Who knows, you could be lucky. You never know what’s out there for you.

  • Indeed: The sister to the big U.S. job search site
  • Government of CanadaThe Government of Canada has useful links for finding jobs in Canada.
  • Google: Yes! Google as a search engine, can provide the latest job openings in canada for foreigners.
  • Canadian Immigrant: Good tips for trying to find a job in Canada as a foreigner.
  • has been around since pretty much the dawn of the internet era.
  • Job Bank: I like the enhanced job alert service.

Other Websites and Blogs

  • Zero2Hired: Check out Connel’s article, “How I got 3 job offers in 2 weeks as a new immigrant to Canada.”
  • Government Publications and ManualsEssential workbooks for newcomers to Canada.
  • Transitions AbroadTransitions Abroad has a really comprehensive list for anyone considering becoming an expatriate in Canada.
  • Living Abroad in CanadaUseful resources for job seekers.

Overseas and Expat Job Portals

  • Michael PageAn international executive recruitment website that I’ve used in the past. This site is targeted towards high-end job seekers.
  • eFinancialCareersMy favorite search engine for finance jobs on the web. I used them during my Wall Street days.
  • Go Abroad: I’ve always been a fan of GoAbroad. In fact, on the visa information portion of my website, you will find where I have linked to their global embassies directory. They have a good job portal too.
  • Linkedin: Last but not least, this huge professional social network is a resource for building contacts in the field and location of your interest.

There you have it. Those are some of the best ways you can get jobs in Canada as a foreigner. The moment you get a job and a application letter, the rest becomes easy.

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