How To Get A Job In USA As A Foreigner? Read This!

So, you are a foreigner looking at moving into the USA soon or you have already moved in? Whichever one it is, the problem is you need a job in the US in order to survive. Right. Also, you might not know exactly how to navigate the worksphere of America since, understandably, you are a newbie to the country.

This definitely leads and pushes you to ask the question, “How can you get A job in the USA?” Especially as a foreigner just arriving. Will the journey be easy? Is it easy to find a job in America as a foreigner? These questions will be undoubtedly running through your mind.

And they are very natural for you to ask. This is why in this article, we will be looking at actionable steps you can take to land a job in the USA.

Steps To Take To Get A Job In USA As A Foreigner

Let’s get right to the chase.

how to get job in USA

1. Know the specific type of jobs that you are looking for

Fact is, you can’t just be applying to all the jobs that you see online. And you cannot afford to go about your job search with the mindset that you will do ANYTHING.

Anything is not a job specification. Whether you like it or not, you need to narrow down to the jobs that you have skills/certificates for. These are the types of jobs that you should have your eyes on.

If an employer or a company is going to choose to sponsor you for a US work visa, then you have to seriously convince them that you have what it takes. So, be sure about the type of job you want.

2. What type of Visa are you actually qualified for?

In order to check the type of work visa you are qualified for, please visit the US Department of State’s Visa Wizard at This webpage will let you know the type of US work visa you qualify for depending on your skills, certificate, residency, citizenship etc. And will show the application process and fees.

3. Is your certificate enough for the job?

Now, some jobs require only a diploma. So if you have a diploma recognized in the USA, you are good to go. It really depends on the job field for which you are searching. For jobs in health care such as nurses, doctors etc, you will need a degree or it’s equivalent to qualify.

For whatever field you apply for, you need a valid license.

4. Apply only to companies that sponsor the type of Visa you are qualified for

Many US companies do not offer work visa sponsorships. In fact, up to 90% of US companies will decline you based on their reluctance to deal with the paperworks that come with work visa sponsorships.

So,you need to narrow down your search and pitchings to companies that are available for work visa sponsorships and especially the type of work visa that you are qualified for.

5. Build your cover letters and resume strongly

There are several of the US Resume on the cover letter templates available on the Internet and a quick search should give you lots of samples. Also, you will need to give a personal adjustment to each job application resume and cover letters.

Target these well constructed Resumes to the right companies to companies that are into work visa sponsorships in your field, don’t waste your time with companies that do not.

6. Build a strong online presence and gather lots of recommendations

One thing you need to work on is your LinkedIn profile. Lots of foreigners have landed jobs – dream jobs, through this effective platform.

Work on your profile in order to attract recruiters in your field. If there are connection requests from recruiters on LinkedIn, you will need to accept them. Thereafter, filter down your application to companies that are in the US and have what you want.

7. Connect with companies and employers

You can use the “Networking” method to find employers to connect with. You can never tell, if you already live in the USA, a family member or a friend could recommend an employer that could employ you.

Also, you can visit your target company’s website to see if they are recruiting. If they are, contact them directly. This eliminates other competitions since it is not a job AD. Basically, you need to do Targeted Applications. This is most effective in landing you a job based on your skills and qualifications in the USA.

Conclusively, these steps above are just a brief summary of how you as a foreigner can get a US company to sponsor you for a work visa. There might be other things you will need to work in the USA like the Social Security Number and card. A US Work Permit, and even a green card, if you want to live and work in the USA permanently.

You can go on to read about the different types of work visas at which is the website for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Also, you can either apply for a work visa by yourself or get a company to employ and consequently sponsor your work visa application.

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