What Is The Calling Code For Canada To Make Phone Calls?

Are you curious to knowing what the Canada calling code for making phone call is? Then we’ve got the right information for you.

Canada is often seen as one of the most recommended place for immigrants as a result of what the country offers. There’s also a lot of goodies that comes with being a citizen in Canada.

If for one reason or the other, you need to be in touch or need to contact someone living in Canada, we’ve got the information you need.

Not only are we going to share the calling code for Canada with you, we will recommend a few ways through which you can contact your loved ones in Canada for lesser cost.

Calling Codes For Canada

Now, let’s get started.

How Do I Call Someone In Canada

To be able to make international calls, you need the country’s phone code also referred to as area code. It can also be called a prefix. This is added before the local phone number.

This country phone code is unique to a particular country. However, it might interest you to know that Canada shares the same country phone code with USA. Fascinating, right?

  • Canada’s country code for phone calls is +1.

Yes, it’s same as that of the United States Of America and it is also known as dialing code.

Are There Other Area Codes In Canada?

Oh yes! There are other area codes in Canada you should be aware of. These area codes needs to be dialed depending on the province or city you are trying to reach.

This is also one cool way to have an idea of the city the person you are trying to reach, resides in. Due to the high population in Canada, some provinces may have different area codes.

The area codes in Canada you should be aware of are:

  • Alberta: 403, 587, 825, 780, 587, 825
  • Yukon Territory: 867
  • Northwest Territories: 867
  • British Columbia: 604, 778, 236, 250, 778, 236
  • Nova Scotia: 902
  • Manitoba: 204, 431
  • Prince Edward Island: 902
  • New Brunswick: 506
  • Newfoundland: 709
  • Nunavut: 867
  • Ontario: 905, 289, 365, 519, 226, 548, 705, 249, 613, 343 , 807, 416, 647, 437
  • Quebec: 418, 581, 450, 579, 514, 438 , 819, 873
  • Saskatchewan: 306, 639

So, if you want to call a mobile phone in Canada from outside Canada, you will need the area code. For example, +825 followed the 8-digit mobile number. But for the most part, you are better off using the +1 before the mobile number given.

An Example Of A Canadian Phone Number

So let’s say you were given a Canadian phone number like (604) 555-5555. To call the number from your local country outside canada, you should dial +1 604 555 555.

Why Your Call To Canada Didn’t Go Through?

If your call to Canada did not work, there are a few reasons for that. You should troubleshoot using the following steps:

  • Confirm the local number you are calling is correct
  • Make sure you include the country code or dialing code if calling outside Canada. The country code is +1. This should be added in front of the mobile number. For example, +1 604 555 5555.
  • Make sure the + is included as you may have missed it. In most mobile phones, simply pressing and holding the 0 button will display the + on the dial pad.

If issue persists, you should consider using an app for the phone call.

Apps To Call Canada Phone Numbers?

WhatsApp allows phone and video calls. As such, if the recipient uses WhatsApp and is connected to the Internet, you can reach him/her via WhatsApp. This won’t come at any extra cost asides the cost of data.

Skype also allows you indulge in international calls. Preloading the Skype with credit is necessary in this case. Another app that works in same fashion as skype, is TalkU.

The interesting thing with these VoIP call apps is the fact that they often cost a lot less than your local network service provider charges for internationa calls.

Hope with this information, we’ve been able to aid you with being able to call Canada phone numbers from your local country. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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