Scholarships In Canada For African/International Students

4. University of Toronto Canada MasterCard Foundation Scholarship for African Students

This scholarship is specifically targeted towards students from Sub-Saharan Africa who have shown excellent academic performance and who are in financial need to study at a world class university.

Applicants could be undergraduate or postgraduate. Visit for more details including details on how to submit your application.

5. University of British Columbia – MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for African Students

This partnership between UBC and the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is aimed at students from Sub-Saharan Africa who are economically marginalised but also show good talent in their academics.

The scholarship is available to both undergraduate and postgraduates (Master’s). Visit to apply.

6. University of Alberta International Student Scholarship

This scholarship has a value of up to $9,000 and it is awarded/can be awarded for up to 4 years. It is awarded to students who have shown academic excellence and are enrolling for their first year of undergraduate degree at the University.

Awardees will be notified after their admission offer from the University of Alberta. For more details including how to apply, Visit

7. Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships in Canada

The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation has partnered with a number of top universities in Canada like McGill University, University of Ottawa, University of Alberta etc., to offer scholarships to students applying to get enrolled for their doctoral programs at any of the partnered universities.

Applicable only students of the Humanities or Faculty of Social Sciences for a full time program. Both international students and Canadian students can apply. Visit for more information on the University of Alberta partnership with the foundation.


There you have it. Those are some of the scholarship programs available for African and International students. Please understand that these scholarships have their requirements. As such, you are advised to properly read through the requirements before applying. Also know that there are deadlines for application. Hence, we advise you apply as soon as possible.

If you meet all the requirements by all the scholarship programs, feel free to apply to all of that. This can potentially help increase your chances of being able to study abroad in Canada via scholarship.

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