How To Gain Residency In Canada Through Marriage

Over time, we’ve talked on different means through which you can move to Canada. There are still a few more we haven’t touched.

In this post, we will be talking on how to gain residency in Canada through marriage. Asides marriage, there are other means through which you can migrate to Canada. You can migrate to Canada as a student, an investor, to visit as a tourist, for a job amongst others.

However, we won’t be looking extensively into this. We’d however, be looking at gaining residency in Canada through marriage.

Through marriage, not only can you migrate to Canada, you can become a Canadian citizen. However, for this to happen, you’d have to get married to someone who is already a canadian citizen. This is irrespective of your gender. Do note that the marriage must not violate any of Canadian marriage laws.

Marriage In Canada

If considering migrating to Canada through marriage, there are three steps to follow. These steps are;

  • Find a Canadian Partner (spouse)
  • Complete the legal marriage contract
  • Apply for residency in Canada

Having mentioned those, let’s talk through them.

1. Find A Canadian Spouse

Finding a canadian spouse is the first step of achieving your dreams to become a Canadian resident through marriage. But, as easy as this sounds, it may not always be the case. Thanks to the sorta relationships we tend to experience in this time and age.

There are different means through which you can meet a canadian spouse. It could be through recommendations. Perhaps from a family or friend. You could also meet one during the course of transacting business.

If you ain’t lucky to meet someone through recommendations or business transactions, there’s social media. Social networking apps and the likes.

When it comes to meeting Canadians via social networking platforms, we discussed a few here. You know, there’s more chances of finding love with much older folks than younger folks. Hence, if you are looking to meet folks over 50 years old, you should check this out.

If you are lucky to find someone who’s willing to enter into a marriage contract with you, awesome!

2. The Marriage Contract

This involves legalizing your marriage. Now, to go about this, there are two feasible ways; one is by obtaining a visa to visit Canada where you meet your spouse and legalize the marriage, the other is for your spouse to travel down to your country of residence to meet end legalize the marriage. This will have to be discussed with your partner. You both would have to come to terms with which works for you guys. After this, the Canadian embassy in that country can issue you the Canadian visa.

3. Apply For Permanent Residence

This is the third and final step. After your marriage has been legalized, you can discuss with your partner, the possibility of getting permanent residency in Canada.

When the Canadian ministry of immigration is satisfied that hour marriage to one of its citizens is not based on exploitation but on true and genuine intentions, you want the foreign citizen can then apply for permanent residency. Of course, as earlier mentioned, your partner should be aware of this before going ahead to apply.

Application for permanent residence can take up to 6 months. During the process, the Canadian ministry will verify the standing order of the Canadian spouse you got married to as well as other formalities.

Once your application is approved, you are now a permanent resident in Canada. This, comes with other benefits of being a permanent resident in Canada. Good luck!

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