Is The Number Of International Immigrants Increasing?

According to research, the number of immigrants since 1990 has been steadily increasing. So yes, the number of international immigrants is actually increasing.

Still according to research, the US has the most number of illegal immigrants. In 2017, it was reported that almost 258 million people migrated from their home countries in search of greener pastures.

For the most part, people tend to migrate from their countries to another, in search of better job opportunities, educational prospects, and increase standard of living. Others tend to migrant for retirement purposes.

Judging by that report, there’s been an increase of over 100 million migrants between 1990 and 2017. USA happens to be the major residence for immigrants followed by Indian.

International Migrants Increasing

In statistics, let’s look at the figures properly.

Number of International Immigrants Between 1990 and 2017

Year Number of Migrants (million) Additional Migrants (million)
1990 152.5
1995 160.7 8.2
2000 172.6 11.9
2005 190.5 17.9
2010 220 29.5
2015 247.6 27.6
2017 257.7 10.1

The Percentage Of Immigrants To Citizens In Developed Countries

As you would expect, most immigrants move to developed countries. USA is a developed nation, so also is Canada. While some decide to temporarily migrate to these countries, some eventually become citizens which isn’t always easy.

Spain in 2013, had the maximum percentage of immigrants. These immigrants tend to retain their native citizenship while staying in the country. One of the fastest ways to become a citizen in a country, is to be born there.

7% of immigrants in USA, retained their native citizenship. This goes to show that while people tend to migrate to other countries, they tend to retain their native citizenship while living in other countries temporarily.

The table below better represents information based on immigrants to other countries and their percentage.

Country Name Percentage of Immigrants in 2013
Spain 10.7%
Germany 9.3%
Italy 8.1%
UK 7.7%
USA 7%
South Korea 2%
Japan 1.6%

Hope this answers the question relating to the number of increasing international immigrants? Questions, do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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