Best 10 Cities To Settle In Canada As A New Immigrant in 2020

4. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver overtook the city of Toronto to become one of the best cities in 2020 mainly due to the high quality health care system. Vancouver located in British Columbia (BC) will give you zero worries about your health and where to find a doctor. As an immigrant apart from the high life satisfaction in Vancouver, it also has many unique tourist attractions.

5. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto has a world class media and film industry just like Vancouver has. Many immigrants choose to settle down in Toronto due to its large size and foreign community’s diversity. The technological, industrial and financial industries in Toronto are top notch more than other Canadian cities.

Also, housing in Toronto could be very expensive. Average meal at a restaurant costs $20 and a 1 bedroom rent a year costs an average of $2,158.

6. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa though usually not a top choice for immigrants is a city that we highly recommend. Because politicians live in this city, they have ensured that there are a number of first rated healthcare facilities in the city.

Ottawa has a number of good universities, rural attractions, good public schools and affordable housing. Ottawa is a great city to settle in as an immigrant.

7. Mississauga, Ontario

With a population of people close to 800,000 people, Mississauga is a very diverse city with a number of Arabic, Vietnamese, Polish, Russian and more speakers.

Because there is a significant number of immigrants, you as a new immigrant can network and settle down easily in your new home. The Pearson International airport in this city.

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