How To Correctly Answer Common Visa Interview Questions

If you plan traveling aboard, especially via legal means, you cannot go past visa interviews. Before your visa is granted, you are required to answer visa interview questions.

This stage is very crucial as it has the fate of controlling your moving out of the country. If your visa is granted, great. If otherwise, you cannot move out of your current country through legal means.

Some of these questions are quite technical and you should promptly answer the questions correctly. It’s necessary you maintain a good body posture. Confidence is equally looked at. You want to make sure you answer the questions correctly.

answer visa questions

If you’ve been rejected before, or you’ve been denied multiple times when you applied for an American or Canadian visa, this should give you some pointers to better answer the questions.

Tips To Correctly Answer Visa Interview Questions

For the sake of this guide, we will be using American Visa interview as a case study. If however, your intent is traveling to other countries like United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada, there are a few things you can still take from these questions.

Question 1. Why Do You Want To Travel To The USA?

Before you even apply for a visa, it’s necessary you know why exactly you want to travel to the US. It’s also important to have a valid reason as to why you plan traveling.

It’s also important that when answering the question, you stay confident and completely honest. Reason being that, you are dealing with a trained personnel who can see through the lies. One who has interviewed a lot of persons like you. Hence, be confident in your truth. State specifically why you plan traveling to the US and where you exactly you may want to visit in the USA.

Question 2. Why Must You Visit USA At This Time?

Summer is perhaps, the best time to visit places in the US. Asides this fact, it’s necessary you state specifically why you have to visit at this time. You have a pregnant relation in the US? One who is almost due? Or you have a job offer? State specifically why it’s necessary to visit USA at this time.

Question 3. How Long Will You Be Staying In The US?

If you are only gonna be there temporarily, state specifically how long you are going to be in the US. For example, I will be staying X number of months, specially between X to Y months.

Question 4. Where Will You Be Staying In The US?

To answer this question, state specifically where you will be staying in the USA. Street name, address, city, state, Zip. Make sure you are not reading it off somewhere. This way, the interviewer knows you understand precisely where you are going to.

Question 5. Why Do You Want 1 Year Visa When 3 Months Is Okay For You?

If you have plans of seeing places and spending more time in the US, state it specially. For example, there are a lot to experience during Christmas in Las Vegas. If your reason for wanting to go to the US is because of a pregnant relation, you can mention how important it is to spend time with the relation even after child birth.

Question 6. Who Is Sponsoring Your Trip and Expenses Over There?

If you are financially capable to sponsor your trip there, it will be required that you tender your bank statement. If however, someone else will be sponsoring the trip, specifically state that.

For example, Mr/Miss/Mrs “name” who happens to be my “state relationship with the person” will be taking care of all our expenses. He/she works at XYZ and have been in the US for “state how long”. Provide proof if necessary.

Question 7. Can I Have The Contact Details Of Your Relatives In The US?

Yes, of course. His/her number is “state complete phone number”. His/her home address is “state home address”. It’s necessary you know these details off-hand without having to take tips from anywhere.

Question 8. Will You Be Taking Up Job Offers Or Engage In Business When You Get To The US?

If you already have a job offer, this should be super easy. Simply tender the appointment letter. If otherwise, state specifically if you intend on taking job offers during the course of your state in the US or not. If the intent is just to visit, it makes sense to specifically mention not having to take up any job offers.

Question 9. Who Will Take Care Of Your Home And Business When You Are Away?

State specifically who will be taking care of your home and business when you are away. If your wife/husband will be taking care of your home and business, state that. If it will be taken care of by your son/daughter, equally state that.

Question 10. Have You Bought Airline Tickets Or Medical Insurance?

No, but we will buy it as soon as we get our visa.

That’s it. That’s how to correctly answer common Visa Interview Questions. Remember to stay confident when answering these questions.


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